Places to Eat

Some Gluten Free Restaurants, Pubs and Cafes in Coastal Suffolk

HANG ON! These places are also great for Muggles (Gluten Eaters) – they mostly have real chefs who cook good food to order, from fresh ingredients.

This list is still in preparation – there are several towns nearby that I have still to check out. A gap does NOT mean a place is a coeliac desert. Please excuse the formatting – the joys of WordPress!

The pubs, restaurants and cafes in this list have either been recommended to me by Facebook users (via various coeliac/gluten free pages) or are well rated on TripAdvisor and have responded positively to my email request for information about what GF food they can provide and on cross contamination procedures. Only a quarter of places I emailed replied, which suggests that those who did reply are very happy to feed coeliacs.

Obviously, you should check before eating at any place that you are happy that they are serving ingredients you can tolerate and that their cross contamination procedures are to a standard adequate for your needs.

(FB) by comments below means they’re from Facebook.  Other comments are from the establishments’ emails and websites, sometimes paraphrased by me.

I have a lot more research to do, and places to chase up, so this list will grow. Gaps don’t mean there are no good places – I just have to find them!


  • Alex (“cc fryer – but if you ask they are happy to do it a different way and I’ve never gotten sick from them”)
  • Bencotto (“cc fryer – but if you ask they are happy to do it a different way and I’ve never gotten sick from them”)
  • Ferry Boat Inn
  • Regal Fish and Chips
  • The Oaks Tea Room

Lowestoft Area

  • The Jolly Sailors – someone on FB said it’s excellent for GF and a lovely pub, overlooking the sea!  It recently changed hands so I’ve emailed them to ask what their menu’s like now.


  • The Lord Nelson
    • Separate GF menu. E.g. scallops, baked cod with chips, chilli, thai curry.
    • “We also have a selection of daily specials, light snacks and desserts which will already be or can be adapted to suit a gf diet. These change regularly”
    • “As with most establishments we use gluten in our kitchen so we cannot guarantee that anything is 100% free but we are very conscious of cross contamination and take the appropriate measures”. No gf bread.
    • Coasters – very interesting looking menu, and they’re very willing to adapt dishes for coeliacs.  No gf bread.
    • The Crown Hotel “will cater for gf as they made me a whole menu when I went” (FB)
    • Sutherland House – a smart fish restaurant (TripAdvisor #1, Nov 2015).  The menu lists GF options and “if wanted most of the other dishes can be made GF as we cook to order, the only thing we do not do is bread” . Not many options for vegetarians.
    • Adnams Café
      • Jacket potatoes, pulled pork, hot smoked salmon
      • GF brownie and another GF, DF cake (Victoria/Coffee)
      • The homemade soups are always Gluten Free.
  • The Sail Loft – “is very good…we go there quite often” (FB). Upmarket prices.
  • The Red Lion – “were brilliant with us in the summer” (FB)
  • The Harbour Inn – “is great” (FB)
  • The Boardwalk Café on the pier – a range of GF dishes, including burgers with gf buns.
  • The small cafe further along the pier usually has one type of GF cake – until it sells out.  And GF ice cream cones – yes, the cone itself is GF!
  • The Beach Café at the landward end of the pier – GF fish and chips once a month
  • Suzie’s Beach Café, on the prom below The Lord Nelson pub – GF sandwiches, at least in high season
  • The Randolph, Reydon (just outside Southwold) is “good for GF…lots of parking too” (FB)


  • Cleones Italian Restaurant at The Angel. 01986 873365,
    • Restaurant and bar menus, marked with GF.  They have GF pasta and lots of other GF dishes that look very good. This isn’t just a pasta and pizza place, it has much more variety. The Sunday lunch menu is limited to roasts (I don’t know the gluten content) and pizzas (not GF).
    • They emailed me that “great care is taken to keep (GF) ingredients separate from other contaminants”.
  • Edwards – café/pub style menu, licensed. Top place in Halesworth (TripAdvisor Nov 2015).  In the pedestrianised main shopping street. 01986 873763
  •    Many main meals are GF, including lasagne!
  •    GF fish and chips if ordered in advance
  •    GF toasted sandwiches (not fresh sandwiches, as the bread is frozen)
  •    Homemade Cheesecake is always GF, and usually at least one other dessert GF.
  •    “if you specifically crave a particular dish the chef is more than happy to try and    accommodate where ever possible, just ring and have a chat 01986 873763”

Darsham/Yoxford/Leiston Area

  • The Fox Inn, Darsham. Great steaks and some other GF main courses, with chips cooked in a separate fryer. Not many GF desserts.
  • The Kings Head, Yoxford
    • Helpful; a reasonable range of food that is, or can be, GF.  “Our regular chips are coated with flour but we do offer gluten free fries although due to the size of the kitchen they are cooked  in the same fryer”. No gf bread. “As for avoiding cross contamination, the chefs put on a clean apron and prep on fresh boards away from everything else”
  • Louie Lou’s Tea Room
  • “We do not have a specific gluten free menu however do our best offer as much as we can.  We can always offer items such as gluten free sausages and therefore can always offer a breakfast etc.”
  • “GF soups and sandwiches/rolls”.
  • “Most of our daily dishes can also be adapted to be gluten free.  We also always carry 2 options of gluten free cakes and most of the time have gluten free sausage rolls and scones. GF bread and rolls are stored frozen.  We always try to prepare gluten free items at separate times however if this is not possible we make sure all areas are separated and cleaned thoroughly between each preparation”.
  • The Café at Darsham Nurseries. This seems promising.
    • “Our menu changes daily so we don’t have a set GF menu. Because we’re a small restaurant we’re able to talk to the customer directly and work around any number of dietary requirements. All of our food is simply and freshly cooked so we know exactly what’s in every aspect of each dish and as a result , when necessary, they are very easy to adapt. That said, the menu today had 15 out of 19 dishes that were gluten-free!”
    • They appear to understand cc.
    • Satis House, Yoxford. 01728 668418. A very well regarded upmarket restaurant.
      • “Catering for a Coeliac guest is not a problem. While we don’t offer a totally gluten free menu, we can usually adapt the majority of our dishes to be suitable. We would advise that you pre warn us when you book of your dietary requirement to allow us to be prepared for you”.
    • The Eels Foot in Eastbridge – “very helpful” (FB). A good start/stop point for a 4 mile circular walk via Minsmere beach, woods and heath, or park at Minsmere National Trust and stop at the pub mid-walk.
    • Emmett’s Café and Deli, Peasenhall. Mainly upmarket charcuterie and cheese. No GF bread, but welcome to bring your own.
    • The Parrot, Aldringham. Classic pub food, chips fried separately. Happy to fry or roast fish.
    • The Bistro at Sax, Saxmundham. They have some GF options, and a webpage telling you exactly what is in each dish.
    • Emmerdale Farm Shop, on the road from Yoxford to Leiston.  Small GF range. Great for bacon and other meat, Aspalls cider, local apple juice etc.
    • Darsham Hamper on the A14 just north of Yoxford. A reasonable GF range for a small (Co-op) shop, and some other local food products.

Aldeburgh Area


  • The Regatta “great GF” (FB)
    • “We are fully Gluten free for 80% of our menu from sauces to special breads we make. There are of course exception but we are very aware of the needs”. GF marked menu.
  • The Brudenell “great GF” (FB)
  • The Wentworth Hotel
  • Aldeburgh Munchies
    • A sandwich shop that does a lot of GF food, and a GF fry up. Individually wrapped GF rolls from the Woodbridge Cake Shop can be defrosted to order and then filled – choice of 12 in the range made from fresh local produce. Fillings can be bought as salads too.
    • Soups are homemade and always GF.
    • Homemade lemon Polenta Cake is GF.
    • GF ice cream from the famous Norfolk Lakenham Creamery
    • “the chefs are well trained in cross contamination procedures

Framlingham Area

  • The Queen at Brandeston “are happy to cater” (FB)
  • I haven’t asked in any other places yet – I’m happy to hear your recommendations


The 3 Horseshoes “very good gf menu” (FB).

Woodbridge Area

  • Rainbow Apothecary in Woodbridge “fresh bread rolls and cakes delivered every Thursday”.
  • The Cake Shop Bakery, 19 The Thoroughfare, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1AA – (01394) 382515
    • “we have a range of nut, gluten and dairy free cakes available”
    • “we are constantly evolving and improving our products. It is because of this that we are the oldest business in Woodbridge and we will always try to serve our customers as best we can”
    • Notcutts, Woodbridge.
    • The Georgian Cafe in Woodbridge. Very helpful.  GF bread.
    • The Ufford Crown outside Woodbridge “have gf bread and can change things for you”

Ipswich Area

The Brook Inn, Washbrook, near jct of A12 and A14 south of Ipswich – Coeliac UK accredited. Many coeliacs recommend it.

And a few places in Norfolk


  • No 1 Cromer Fish & Chips  “the most amazing gf cod or haddock” (FB)
  • Browne’s Tea Shop (FB)
  • Kelly’s Pie & Mash “we had the most amazinggf lunch at Kelly’s Pie & Mash Shop in Cromer. Loads of different pies, different types of mash and gravies or cheese sauce.” (FB)
  • The Three Cottages – “had cod and chips and SCRAPS!!!! B***** scraps!!!!! I’m on cloud nine right now!!!!” (FB, 2014)
  • The Red Lion (FB)
  • The Wellington (FB)
  • Garden Grill (FB)


  • The Smallsticks Café, near Happisburgh
    • A very friendly small café near the beach that usually has GF bread and are happy to cook things to suit a GF diet. Chips have to be cooked with gluten products, unfortunately. I think they said they could make homemade wedges in the oven, if pre-ordered.
    • The Sheringham Trawler (FB)
    • Great Yarmouth
      • Roger and Son Fish & Chips (FB)
      • “The Dining Room,  opposite the Britannia pier. GF pies, pasties, sandwiches and cake.” (FB)
      • “A tea room at the other end of the sea front – not sure what called. They do gorgeous fudge and have a fun olden days amusements using old pennies”. (FB)

And further west in Suffolk

  • “the Norton Dog (near Bury St Edmunds) is the most amazing GF menu I have ever seen” (FB)

And finally…

This list is provided as is, for guidance only. Do take precautions. Many of these are recommendations from people on facebook, who may have more or less stringent GF requirements than you. Businesses, chefs and kitchen staff change.

Assume nothing, believe nothing you read, do check everything with the venue in advance of eating to establish for yourself if what they can provide will suit you and your dietary needs.

I hope this list helps you to find good food that leaves you feeling great.